Privacy Policy

1 Introduction
In order for users to be able to use this service with peace of mind, this company recognizes personal information (information identifying an individual such as name, email address, account and password) as an important property of the individual, and manages personal information provided by users strictly and carefully in accordance with this privacy policy.

2 Basic Policy
(1) The gathering of personal information will always be carried out after explicitly stating the utilization purpose, and receiving the consent of the individual, and personal information will not be handled beyond the scope necessary for that utilization purpose.
(2) Practical, systematic and comprehensive security measures will be taken regarding the handling of gathered personal information, and personal information will be stored using appropriate management.
(3) Laws and other standards regarding the protection of personal information will be strictly adhered to.

3 Acquisition of Personal Information
(1) Provision of personal information for the purpose of personal verification is requested during registration procedures for this service. Provision of account information related to credit cards or other payments may be received with some services such as advertisement programs, however this information is encrypted and managed on a secure server.
(2) Please understand in advance that there are occasions when the information contained in user accounts is integrated with information acquired from third parties, or used for the purpose of improving the user convenience and improving the quality of this service.

4 Purpose of Use

Where this company is entrusted with personal information, it shall show the purpose of use established below as well as contact centers, etc, and in regards to the handling of said information, will only used it within the scope necessary for the purpose.
(1) For the purpose of confirming the individual at the time of using this company's service, displaying identity on-screen within the service, etc
(2) For the purpose of sending prizes from this company or corporations using this company's service
(3) For the purpose of sending information such as maintenance or important announcements
(4) For the purpose of notifications such as advertisements and publicity for this company's service
(5) For the purpose of every kind of support for inquiries and follow-up service
(6) For the purpose of development of marketing data analysis and new services
(7) For the purpose of distribution of e-zines, etc

5 Third Party Provision
With the exception of instances that fall under the following, this company will not provide or disclose the provided personal information to any third party.
(1) Where a ruling or decree ordering disclosure by law is received from a court, or where an official inquiry establishing investigative authority by law is received from a public organization such as the police
(2) Where a customer has acted against laws, this usage agreement, or guidelines in relation to usage of the service of this company or a business partner, and it is deemed necessary for the
safeguarding of the rights, properties or services of a third party or this company, and where it is difficult to gain consent from the individual
(3) Where there is urgent need due to imminent danger to a person's life, health, or property, and it is difficult to gain consent from the individual
(4) Where it is otherwise permissible through the Personal Information Protection Act

6 Disclosure, Amendment and Deletion of Personal Information
Requests from users for disclosure, deletion, cessation of usage, or cessation of provision to third parties of personal information will be dealt with within reason. However, there are cases where requests may not be fulfilled when they fall under the following.
(1) Where identification of the user cannot be confirmed
(2) Where the requested information does not exist
(3) Where this is a danger of harming the life, property, health or other rights and interests of the individual or a third party through disclosure of the information
(4) Where disclosure of the information would be a violation of the law

7 About Cookies
A technology called Cookies is used to enhance user convenience on this company's service, and this service is offered under the assumption that cookies are used and authorized. Cookies are a system that allow specific information to be retained as temporary data in the computer equipment used by the customer, and to identify the customer based on that data when connecting. Where configuration is set to not authorize the usage of cookies, part or all of this company's service may not be usable. Furthermore, please check under the 'help' menu of your chosen browser for the configuration method regarding cookies.

8 Revision of Personal Information Protection Policies
This company reviews this privacy policy regularly with the aim of protecting the personal information of customers. For that purpose, all or a part of this policy may be revised. In the event there is an important change, suitable information will be provided on the pages of this site, and at the same time, the revised details will be renewed on this page, making it possible to read them at any time.

9 Contact Information
For complaints or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information please contact us at the following.
* Address
* Department in Charge
* Email Address